What a pleasure to view your portfolio. I especially enjoyed seeing the "work in progress" instructive. Thanks for sharing your work!
--- By: Vonna Viglione --- From: Raleigh NC --- 05/16/2009 ---

Outstanding work. Clever use of shading
--- By: Neil Jones --- From: Shropshire England --- 04/24/2009 ---

Just browsing your website and wanted to let you know I am in awe of your work... Your portraits are simply gorgeous. I especially love the little boy on the couch with the dog. My goal is to someday paint as well as you do, but I have a feeling it will be many years if ever. :) Warm Regards,
--- By: Nora Sallows --- 11/01/2007 ---

Terry, We love "Calie." Thanks for another purrfect portrait!
--- By: John --- From: Massachusetts --- 07/18/2007 ---

bravo --- very good work
--- By: eva caridi --- From: greece --- 08/08/2006 ---

Hello Terri - I am a friend of Lidia - Rajjis mom - she is visiting me in Texas and we are visiting your website - I too am a painter but now i pale in comparism to you - you are so talented and i hope to be able to take classes under your direction someday soon.
--- By: Sue Subash --- From: Texas --- 04/18/2007 ---

bravo --- very good work
--- By: eva caridi --- From: greece --- 08/08/2006 ---

Work is realistic, and the shading is so marvelous. I have never seen such Special Moments that seem to last forever. I look forward to watching as projects are finished. I can almost see heart beats and tail twitches on your pets; smiles in the eyes and faces of the people, Lands that make people want to visit there. You are really very gifted!!
--- By: Theresa Ficenec McCulloch --- From: Wyo., Ca.,Tx. --- 05/09/2006 ---

You are very gifted. Are any web images of Ficenec's? We all seem to be sister is also a 'Terri nee Ficenec'. The portraits are beautiful, especially the children.
--- By: Patti nee Ficenec --- From: Wyo., Colo. & Calif. --- 05/09/2006 ---

Realy you have an amazing delicate wounderful hand to do this very nice work.
--- By: JAMAL B.ALI --- From: IRAQ --- 03/28/2006 ---

I was looking through my husband's William & Mary Alumni magazine and read about you. Your website is now on my Favorites list for future reference.
--- By: Patti Robertson --- From: Fairfax VA --- 03/11/2006 ---

I read about you in the William & Mary Alumni Magazine. I was very taken with "Great-Grandpa's Trombone" so had to go to your site to see more of your work. The paintings are beautiful and the personalities of the children shine through. I was most impressed!
--- By: Carol --- From: Sparta, NJ --- 02/08/2006 ---

Just passing through cyberspace. I saw your url via the Portrait Artist Forum. Wow! What can I say. Your latest work "on the easel" is simply amazing. I'm so glad you share your work in-progress. So inspiring! I've got to get good like you!! Keep up the good work!!
--- By: Michael Whitmore --- From: Lenexa Kansas --- 02/04/2006 ---

You are so good!
--- By: Tim T --- 02/01/2006 ---

Terri, I loved your work.You're amazing.
--- By: Silvana --- From: Brazil --- 01/20/2006 ---

Wow oh my goodness they are so good! You are now my inspiration.
--- By: Taz --- From: NE England --- 01/19/2006 ---

Terri- I just fell in love with your "Daddy's Girl" portrait. It's amazing...and sooooo adorable! You are soooo talented, I just am amazed!!!
--- By: Beth --- From: Southboro MA --- 10/25/2005 ---

As a college age friend I was impressed and excited to see all your beautiful work. Your brother led me to your website. Hopefully I will catch up with you in the near future.
--- By: Mary McCrae --- From: Warren and Seaside Park, NJ --- 08/04/2005 ---

HI Terri, Your mother in law was bragging about you at mah jongg today and we went to your web site. You are amazingly talented! Good luck. Anne, Ellen, Mildred and Kathy.
--- By: Anne Martin --- From: Blacksburg --- 07/20/2005 ---

Hi Terri - I found my way to your site via the Portrait Artists Forum - and I too love your painting "Great-Grandfather's Trumpet" - there's something so natural and sincere in the sitter's gesture and expression. As a fellow painter - I am very impressed!
--- By: Suzanne --- From: Medford, MA --- 07/18/2005 ---

"Grampa's Trombone": What a wonderful painting - it is just beautiful, in so many ways!
--- By: JMG --- From: Wakefield, MA --- 05/26/2005 ---

"Grandpa's Trombone" is looking wonderful! (Though it was Great-Grandpa's trombone...) Can't wait to see more!! --- By: Dru --- From: Southboro --- 04/03/2005 ---


Terri, Your work is incredibly beautiful.It is amazing to me how you catch your subjects personality!
--- By: Stephen Curtis --- From: Shrewsbury, Mass. --- 03/29/2005 ---

Terri, I met you in Southboro at the show--The pastel painter..I couldn't resist going to your web site and showing my wife your wonderful work! Best regards.
--- By: John Greene --- From: Westboro --- 01/14/2005 ---

Terri, I am so impressed with your latest work. The fiddle and the head are especially remarkable! your fan, Tim T
--- By: Tim --- 12/04/2004 ---

What beautiful work. Wow! Viewing it with Kathy F. was extra thrilling. Wow again.
Dan and Elaine Bassano
--- By: elaine bassano --- From: syracuse --- 08/21/2004 ---

I saw one of your postings on the Wetcanvas website...clicked the link below your name and took a browse. Another entry above me said it best: you ARE an inspiration! Your work is so fresh and clear in the way it reveals people, objects, vegetation with sunlight & shadow in their most dramatic saturation... Yet not too vivid or harsh--just vibrant. Thank You!
--- By: Erin O. --- From: Tiverton, RI --- 06/01/2004 ---

You continue to amaze me! Your most recent "On the Easel" (the surprise) was sent to me and I love it. You can capture animals as well as people!! Keep it up...
--- By: DPL --- From: Southboro, MA --- 05/03/2004 ---

Your work made me catch my breath! You have a wonderful eye and feel for your subject's personality. What an inspiration you are.
--- By: Deborah Barton --- From: Philadelphia, PA & Waxhaw, NC --- 03/23/2004 ---

I love your work, I always look forward to watch the progress.
--- By: CMD --- From: Mass. --- 02/26/2004 ---

What a wonderful new artist you are! Such warmth and reality at the same time. Keep up the great work. We are thrilled with the portrait you did for us.
--- By: JRS --- From: Sarasota, FL --- 02/21/2004 ---


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